If you prefer to download this application as a PDF for email or U.S. Mail, click here.

Slice of Shoreview Days Rules & Regulations
  1. Payment in Advance – In order for a Participant to have a space reserved at the event, all payments must be made in advance. Payments must accompany any application or be submitted online. Payment by check, cash, or Visa/Mastercard. The Committee has the right to deny check payment from any vendor with a previous NSF check. The City of Shoreview will apply a $15 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds.
  2. Vendors selling goods or services must fill out a MN Revenue Form ST19, available on this site. The instructions for Form ST19 can also be downloaded.
  3. Refunds will be granted with written notice of cancellation received at least 30 days prior to event
  4. Cancellation policy – event will take place rain or shine – no refunds because of weather
  5. Hours of operation – all booths must be occupied and open by participant for hours of operation. *Friday 4 -8, Saturday 10-8, Sunday 11-4. (Friday is optional)
  6. Parking – Participant parking is available in the Deluxe parking lot – you will receive a parking pass which must be displayed on your dashboard when in the Park.
  7. Electricity – All electricity must be requested with application – We only supply 120 volt/20 amp service – vendor must bring 12 gauge 100 foot extension cords.
  8. Security will be provided in the Park overnight, however vendor is responsible for any loss or damage to merchandise or equipment.